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Brick Cleaning in Nottingham

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Brick Restoration for Interior and Exterior Walls

Without question one of the most rewarding surfaces to restore is brick walls both interior and exterior.

For external walls years of weathering, damp and air pollution can tarnish the brickwork making the building look degraded.

Our services can lift the layers of dirt to reveal the bricks as they once were when the property was first built.

Regarding brick cleaning for interior walls a common request is to remove layers of paint. This has 2 main benefits: it can reveal a rustic beauty of the bricks and also allows the bricks to breathe.

Benefits of Sandblasting for Brick Cleaning

Sandblasting is a fantastic method for restoring bricks, unlike some cleaning methods our sandblasting techniques and market leading equipment make us an industry leader. With some methods seen as abrasive our methods are looked on fondly for property restoration especially for heritage buildings. Such is the quality of the finish after the brick cleaning you can enjoy its natural glow or it offers a well prepared surface for repainting.

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