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  • Are you looking for a local sandblasting contractor in Nottingham? Blast Restoration will come on-site to your location for all domestic or commercial sandblasting in Nottingham, Derby, or surrounding areas.

Shot Blasting in Nottingham

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Metal Restoration Nottingham

At Blast Restoration, our shot blasting Nottingham service uses cleans and smooths metal surfaces by compressing small particles under pressure, eroding inconsistencies and rust from its surface.

We use a variety of shot material which ranges from steel shot, aluminium oxide, glass bead and iron.

We also use a wide range of grit sizes.

Need Metal  Restoration Services at Nottinham?

Blast Cleaning Nottingham

Our blast cleaning service is extremely effective for metal restoration. Any metal item can be restored to its former glory using our shot blasting equipment.

If you’re based in Nottingham, we offer our premium service to help you bring that shine back to your metal possessions. Our shot blasting machine can add value back to your metal products in no time at all.

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